Cantilever Racking

The GETC Cantilever Racking System provides leading hardware/ building and DIY brands with an ideal solution for storing and distributing long or bulky products. This system delivers operational efficiencies by using overhead or 'airspace' as accessible storage and distribution space. Often called “Tree Racking”, Cantilever Racking is becoming an increasingly predominant pack-handling solution for storing and distributing bulky, long length swiss replica watches products.  

The Cantilever Racking System has a central column, attached to a single or double-sided base, which supports a set of articulated cantilevered arms, each of which can be designed to meet the user's individual loading requirements. All bolted connections use high tensile bolts for additional replika klockor orologi replica italia strength and the fully bolted frame uprights allow for easy replacement of any damaged components and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.<a href="" title="orologi replica italia">orologi replica italia</a>

One of the main features of the Cantilever Racking System is the articulated arms. These arms are designed to ensure safe loading and unloading of stock as the articulated arm allows the cantilever arms to move freely if they are accidentally lifted from underneath. This greatly reduces the risk of possible damage to stock and the rack on which it rests.

In addition, the Cantilever Racking System often incorporates a guide-rail system, providing for narrow aisle access. Narrow aisle access is most common in environments where a side-loading, or multi-directional, forklift is used.

A highlight for users, the combination of a Cantilever Racking system with guide-rail and a multi-directional forklift can increase effective storage space by up to 70% beyond a standard configuration.

Product Features:
  • Powder coated and Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) options
  • Articulated arms. The Cantilever arms can move freely up replica watches and down to protect both the rack and product from forklift impact
  • Fully modular construction that is easily adjustable
  • High weight-bearing capacity
  • Single and double-sided options
  • Customized solutions for large-scale projects
  • User-friendly as no tools is required for arm height adjustment.

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